The 14th annual Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, a celebration of new independent cinema in downtown Birmingham, is set to take place August 24-26, 2012. Since its debut in 1999, filmmakers from across the country and around the world have come to Birmingham to screen their work at Sidewalk and have been thrilled to discover fresh, enthusiastic crowds eager to devour new independent cinema.

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Friday, August 24

8:00pm CDT

Supporting Characters: Opening Night Film / presented by Weld for Birmingham

Movie editing partners Darryl and Nick are hired to save a film on the brink of ruin. In the midst of the project Darryl finds his relationship in trouble and Nick’s long-term girlfriend is threatened, as he grows closer to the film’s starlet. Relationship troubles escalate, as the film’s director grows increasingly needy, all the while the editing duo’s partnership is tested by difficult industry challenges.

Supporting Characters is an entertaining buddy-comedy that provides a glimpse inside the movie industry while exploring human relationships and examining the familiar search for financial and romantic security. Director Dan Schechter delivers a film-centric tale that does not alienate a non-industry audience, but, instead, provides unique insight into the film world balanced against a humorous exploration of relationship dynamics.

After Sidewalk, Schechter will head to work on his new project, an Elmore Leonard adaptation starring Jennifer Aniston. Schechter, co-writer and star Tarik Lowe, and stars Alex Karpovsky, Sophia Takal, and Kevin Corrigan are scheduled to attend the opening night screening.

Check out the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/38397658

Friday August 24, 2012 8:00pm - 10:00pm CDT
Alabama Theatre 1817 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

10:00pm CDT

Opening Night After Party

Come celebrate Opening Night with us at the Opening Night After Party! Join us after the Opening Night screening at the B& A Warehouse, located at 1531 1st Avenue South. You can get in with an Opening Night Film & Party pass, Weekend pass, Film & Party pass, or VIP pass. 

Friday August 24, 2012 10:00pm - Saturday August 25, 2012 1:00am CDT
B & A Warehouse 1531 1st Ave S, Birmingham AL
Saturday, August 25

9:00am CDT

On-Camera Acting Workshop

Birmingham Film Actors Lab and Hollywood Veteran Victor McCay will be hosting an On-Camera Workshop for anyone interested in learning more about the technique and business of film acting.  You will receive in-depth instruction and honest critique as you enhance your abilities and build your confidence by performing on-camera acting exercises.  The perfect opportunity to build a foundation or sharpen your skills.  

Saturday August 25, 2012 9:00am - 11:00am CDT
Spotlight Lounge (adjacent to Alabama Theatre) Third Avenue N

10:20am CDT

UAB Digital City Shorts

Check out a series of digital shorts produced by students at the UAB Documentary Filmmaking Program.

Awake: Hip-Hop Artistry in Birmingham
by Ebony Hinton and Sierra Nicely

Never Too Late to Learn
by Nate Ennis

Abandoned Canvas: Painting on Birmingham's Margins
by Naithon Henning and Majaliwa Mzombwe

We Came to Learn
by Jessica Craig and Adrian Jones

From Mountains to Metropolis: Old Time Music in Birmingham
by Rachell Berry and Stephanie Cook

Physical Truths: Making Art at UAB
by Katelyn Armstrong and Ali Massoud

Riders on the Storm
by Kevin Franks and Tyler Malugani

Unfare System: Birmingham Public Transit
by Melissa Crook and Daniel Twieg


Saturday August 25, 2012 10:20am - 11:35am CDT
Alabama School of Fine Arts 1800 Rev Abraham Woods, Jr, Blvd Birmingham, AL 35203-2203

10:20am CDT

A World of Films: The Best of Children's Film Festival Seattle (Kids Shorts #1) Ages 5 and Up

Best of Children's Film Festival Seattle - Ages 5 & Up

"Little Red Plane"    
Synopsis: Little Red Plane is a stop motion animation that features knitted sets and characters.

"Snowflakes and Carrots"   
Synopsis: An animated short. A little girl steals all of the carrots that she can find on snowmen. 

"Love Bug"   
Synopsis: Nine-year old Turtle Thompson thinks his bug loving best friend Maddy is the coolest girl in the whole wide world. If only he had the guts to ask her to the Spring Fling Dance.

Trevor is an animated short that explores the imagination of a 7-year-old sleepless boy.

The story of an energetic, fun-loving pig named Olga, who normally loves to be around her friends and have fun, but every so often feels a little depressed and lonely. 

Mungge Not Again! 
Sleepwalking can be very dangerous, especially if two marmots and a hedgehog are trying to rescue their sleeping friend.

"The Driving Accident"   
During an afternoon of play a young boy must use his wits and creativity to recover from a minor tragedy. 

"Adventures Of Owen"    
Owen, a socially awkward little boy, finds he can express himself through his drawings of Spaceman X

A musical animation.

"Big Drive"   
The story of a family road trip across the Canadian prairies set in the 1970s. An exuberant exploration of childhood imagination, the animated film invites audiences of all ages to see the world as it appears “from the back seat.”


Screening with the short films "Floyd the Android" and "Notes on Biology."

"Floyd the Android" 

Floyd the Android is an animated robot who gets into crazy situations, but always manages a clever escape. The project is actually two very short films combined to give a broader view of his world. In 'iPorter' he plays with a novelty teleporter, and gets thoroughly beside himself. In 'Dim Bulb' he attempts to change the light bulb at the very top of the highest skyscraper on earth. When he falls, his only hope is a 30 foot tall rubber chicken.

"Notes on Biology"

Saturday August 25, 2012 10:20am - 11:35am CDT
McWane Center 200 19th Street North Birmingham, AL 35203

10:20am CDT

Richard's Wedding

Tuna and his best friend Alex meet up to attend the wedding of their friend Richard. They pick up their motley band of friends and head to Central Park for the ceremony. But with storm clouds (both literal and figurative) forming, the entire affair runs the risk of going off the rails. Richard’s Wedding is a wonderfully shaggy, hilarious comedy that calls to mind the ensemble films of the 1970’s, but with a fresh, confident cast that includes some of contemporary American independent film’s wittiest performers. Richard’s Wedding is heavily dialogue driven and calls to mind the classic works of Woody Allen, as much as it does influential contemporary influences such as Richard Linklater and the Duplass Brothers. Writer, director, and star Onur Turkel takes one of film’s most popular genres, the wedding movie, and gives it a much-needed overhaul.

Check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv4OcR--fzY

Saturday August 25, 2012 10:20am - 11:50am CDT
Red Mountain Theatre 301 19th St. N., Birmingham, AL 35203

10:20am CDT

SHOUT Shorts Block


Marion and her husband host a private dinner for four, in which one of the guests turns out to be a woman she had an affair with back during the Second World War.


What happens when Rachel, the token straight friend in her group, meets a genderqueer teenager named Sammy who just happens to be able to play guitar to her violin?


Dreams, reality, sex and sexuality blur leaving Lex stranded in her own nightmares (or are they realities?) in this chilling tale of love, monogamy, and breaking-up.


Nikki Holiday, a drag queen cabaret star, tries to fill the void in her life after her plans to start a family fall apart. Starring Ryan Eggold (“90210”) and Bobby Campo (The Final Destination).

"Polaroid Song"

In 1991, Lisa is 18. The Gulf War ends, the USSR collapses, Nirvana gives birth in a pool and three-girls create the rock band Peroidink.


Saturday August 25, 2012 10:20am - 11:55am CDT
The Venue 1612 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

10:30am CDT

The Nocturnal Third

Facing debt and bills, newlywed Eli Gottfried is tasked with the graveyard shift at Stafford Stoneworks, The pressure of increasingly deteriorating machines, a crushing schedule, and a recurring nightmare may be too much for Eli to handle. When a suspicious co-worker is severely injured, Eli finds his only solace in the perspective of a stranded (and equally suspicious) stranger. Moody and textural, The Nocturnal Third is a slow-burn workplace thriller that begins with a seemingly domestic situation and meticulously transforms into a tense neo-noir. This gripping story of corporate espionage takes a young man through a single harrowing night as he faces the limits of the human body, his own future, and his role in a system that is beginning to break down. 

Written, directed, and edited by Benjamin Stark, The Nocturnal Third was shot entirely in North Alabama.

Check out the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/17851998


Saturday August 25, 2012 10:30am - 12:00pm CDT
Hill Arts Center 1811 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

10:30am CDT

Tchoupitoulas (with "AL 116")

It's been too long since the Ross Brothers brought us 45365, a film that lyrically documented the life of a small Ohio town over the course of a year. With Tchoupitoulas, they boldly capture the expansive dynamics of New Orleans all within one very long night. The film follows three young brothers (with a comical lack of adult supervision) as they venture to explore the nightlife in and around the French Quarter. What was supposed to be a regular evening out gets complicated when they miss the last ferry home.  Stranded, they continue through town and meet with all walks of life: drunks, evangelists, lunatics, and street musicians. This colorful window into the world leads them to ponder what kind of people they'll grow up to be. Brilliantly shot and assembled, Tchoupitoulas is a poetic sensory experience not to be missed.

Be sure to check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCRD0wbbZqw

Screening with the short film "AL 116."

Saturday August 25, 2012 10:30am - 12:00pm CDT
Carver Theatre 1631 4th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203

11:00am CDT

Alabama Comedy Shorts (AL Shorts #1) / screening sponsored by Stewart Perry

Alabama Comedy Shorts

"China Town"

Jonathan, nicknamed 'China Town', is an aspiring Chinese rapper. His first time in the recording studio is a very interesting one. What started out as a simple recording session leaves him and the producer in more trouble than they bargained.

"Julie On Her Way"

Julie is on a mission to find happiness again.


A young Suitor has a problem. He wants to impress the future in-laws but nothing seems to going right in this fast paced tale of proposal-gone-wrong told in reverse. Reality? Or is it all in his head? We romp through the fall out of the Suitor's one decision. Starring veteran performers Andrew Masset (One Life to Live) and Victoria Jackson (Saturday Night Live) as the In-Laws; 'Poopsy' and 'Pearl' and newcomers Carissa Capobianco (Secretariat) and Todd Denson (We Are Marshall) as 'Princess' and 'The Suitor.'

"Office Hours"

Professor Shelhouse holds weekly office hours during which students stop by to express concerns, make excuses, grouse, or whatever.


When an embarrassing set of events leads a young professional to quit his job, he finds himself stuck in one awkward job interview after another.

"One Of Us"

While driving on a seemingly deserted country road, an easily annoyed older man encounters and then hits a woman with his truck but rather than die in a really painful way she immediately recuperates and heads into the woods. The old man follows and becomes lost and while searching for a way out he encounters several other creatures of the woods whom he must battle to the death.

"Why I Make Movies"

A short explanation of one filmmaker's unsatisfying life at work and home but glamorous lifestyle when he's accepted into film festivals.

"Dead Ahead"

A small southern town experiences a leak at the local nuclear reactor, awakening the recently-deceased 'polka queen' Veta Lou Watson, along with a horde of others. Among those that fight off the ghoulish horde are a sheriff and his deputy, an suburban family, a couple of backwoods idiots, and a cemetery caretaker who may or may not have fallen off the wagon. Filled with a wonderful collection of characters and plenty of laughs, Dead Ahead is a southern-fried zombie horror comedy with a heart (and BRAINS!)


A documentary featuring people answering the most important question of all: What would you do in a Zombie Apocalypse?

Saturday August 25, 2012 11:00am - 12:55am CDT
Alabama Theatre 1817 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

11:00am CDT

Sidewrite Table Read: Alabama Finalists

A table read of the top three short screenplays in the Alabama category from our annual Sidewrite Short Screenplay Competition.  Hosted by the talented Birmingham Film Actors Lab.  Alabama finalists: Cobey Cobb, Brenden Merchant, and Carl Edward Orr.

Saturday August 25, 2012 11:00am - 12:00pm CDT
Spotlight Lounge (adjacent to Alabama Theatre) Third Avenue N

12:00pm CDT

Biographical and Autobiographical Film making

What happens when the filmmaker becomes the subject?  A look into the specific realm of profiles in documentary filmmaking.  We’ll be talking deepsouth, Eating Alabama, and American Man.  Moderated by Tom Neff (The Documentary Channel).  

Saturday August 25, 2012 12:00pm - 1:00pm CDT
Spotlight Lounge (adjacent to Alabama Theatre) Third Avenue N

12:15pm CDT

Our Mockingbird (with "Same People") / screening sponsored by Lovoy, Summerville & Shelton, LLC

Our Mockingbird follows two high schools in Birmingham, Alabama - one black, one white - as they stage a life changing collaboration of the adapted play, ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. The story of these two communities, 'separate but not equal,' resonates with the portrait of Birmingham and its pivotal struggle with race climaxing in the sixties, when the book was first published and then adapted for the screen. Our Mockingbird chronicles the collaboration starting from the very first meeting of the casts from Fairfield High and Mountain Brook High and includes their unprecedented access and introduction to Harper Lee. How these two groups learn about the struggles in their separate hometowns, as well as their discovery of the larger meanings of the book, itself, demonstrates the impact that Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ still has in the twenty-first century. 

Check out the film's website: http://ourmockingbird.com/Home.html 

Screening with the short film "Same People"
Directed by Rebecca Howard and Fifi Wang
DOC Short | USA | 8 min.

In the Black Belt of Alabama, there are dual school systems consisting of all-black public schools and all-white private schools called segregation academies. Both the white schools and the black schools are struggling, but no one has made the move to integrate the system. Does this doom the Black Belt to fail?


Saturday August 25, 2012 12:15pm - 1:35pm CDT
Alabama School of Fine Arts 1800 Rev Abraham Woods, Jr, Blvd Birmingham, AL 35203-2203

12:20pm CDT

Kids Shorts - 10 & Up

Kids Shorts - 10 & Up


Measles, mumps, scary bumps. Chills, pills, and doctor bills ...a musical.


"Knights of the Playground"

Kyle and Billy were best friends until a princess came between them. Or was it a dragon? Depends who you ask...

"Gettin' Kicks"

In this dramedy about growing up in the inner-city, 12-year old Eric gets his brand new sneakers taken by the neighborhood bully, who flings them across a telephone-wire littered with the shoes of his past victims. Eric and his friends have to figure out other ways to liberate his shoes... and deal with the bully.


HUGZILLA is a comedy about how joy can out-muscle misery.

"A Pony for Connie"

In 60s suburbia, a young boy settles upon an unconventional way to help his sister cope with the heartbreak of their parents' divorce.


An Inuit child wanders away from his village, fascinated by a wild bird. His father follow his trail, determined to find him before he gets lost on the ice floe.

"Test Subject B"

Take one 10 year-old boy genius, add a little extra free time, and mix with the frustration of yet another family move. The result? Nicholas has determined once and for all to plan his own destiny--by building a time machine. But when the initial tests go awry, particularly the one involving his little sister Bethany, Nicholas must scramble back in time to set things straight... before his mother finds out.

"Barney and the Martians"

An old man and a young boy bond while trying to contact Martians on an old ham radio.


The road is a very scary place for a tumbleweed. Especially when you have to cross it to save Christmas.

Saturday August 25, 2012 12:20pm - 1:40pm CDT
McWane Center 200 19th Street North Birmingham, AL 35203

12:30pm CDT

Shorts Extravaganza (National Shorts #1)

Shorts Extravaganza!


In 1960s Georgia, a black teenager defies the rules of segregation and his conservative father when he walks through the front door of his white employer's home.

"The Bed Bug Thing"

Stacy's ex-boyfriend gave her bed bugs and now she's starting her life over. Will her possibly irrational fear of the creepy-crawly things keep her from finding her next love? Or will she risk bugs for love?

"Doubles With Slight Pepper"

In rural Trinidad, Dhani struggles to support himself and his mother by selling doubles (Trinidad's quintessential street food). When his estranged father returns from Canada unexpectedly, Dhani must decide if he will help save his father's life despite their strained relationship.

"I Am John Wayne"

A lyrical portrait of 'Taco', a young urban cowboy struggling with the death of his best friend.

"Advantage Weinberg"

Sophomore Philip Weinberg orchestrates a series of unbelievable 'coincidences' to grab the attention of an older girl. Enlisting a ragtag group of accomplices, Philip goes to incredible lengths to create the perfect first impression. As his plans unfold, they become more grandiose and elaborate - but will his house of cards remain standing? 

"The Plain" 

Inspired by real events, A Chjana (The Plain) tells the story of Ayiva, a young migrant worker who seeks to reunite with his best friend in the wake of the most significant race riot in Italian history.

Saturday August 25, 2012 12:30pm - 1:45pm CDT
Red Mountain Theatre 301 19th St. N., Birmingham, AL 35203

12:35pm CDT

Empire Builder (with "Bridges")

Jenny’s life has completely changed since having a baby. The daily routine of preparing food and playtime in the park has led to distance from her friends and dull date nights with her unaffected husband, from whom she is quickly feeling estranged. In part to escape the monotony and, in part, due to obligation, Jenny packs up the baby, departs Chicago and heads out, alone, to a remote, family cabin in Montana. While little changes regarding the routine nature of childcare, Jenny at least has a bit of solitude and independence. Such isolation is interrupted with the arrival of a handyman hired by her husband to complete repairs on the property.

Empire Builder is a reticent and thoughtful exploration of the challenges to independence, the loss of self that and the guilt of doubt that often accompany marriage and parenthood. 

Check out the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/40888505

Screening with the short film "Bridges"
Directed by Christopher Bell
NAR Short | USA | 12 min.

 Babysitter Elizabeth (Joslyn Jensen) wishes she was the infant's mother. When a potentially dangerous situation arises, she leaves the apartment with young Julian (Julian Perez) until things settle - but as they get further away, Elizabeth thinks he might be better off with her



Saturday August 25, 2012 12:35pm - 2:00pm CDT
The Venue 1612 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

12:40pm CDT

The Fourth Dimension

Three filmmakers, Aleksei Fedorchenko, Harmony Korine and Jan Kwiecinski, were tasked with creating three unique stories that present their vision of the higher plane of existence, the fourth dimension. Each filmmaker takes his character on a journey that changes the way they see the world. And each filmmaker offers a different perspective on what the fourth dimension is.

All three directors works are presented separately in the film, with the only thread between them being a shared theme. Korine’s contribution is ‘The Lotus Community Workshop’ which features Val Kilmer as, well, Val Kilmer, a motivational speaker. Fedorchenko’s visually evocative, ‘Chronoeye’ presents a sensitive, philosophical perspective on the fourth dimension. In the brink-of-destruction, ‘Fawns’, Kwiecinski’s vision takes the fourth dimension concept another route all together.

Experimental, unpredictable, and diverse, the international anthology The Fourth Dimension takes a new stab at the traditional three-act formula. 



Saturday August 25, 2012 12:40pm - 2:25pm CDT
Hill Arts Center 1811 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

12:40pm CDT

Thank You For Judging (with "In Search of Avery Willard")

When most people hear the word ‘forensics’ they think of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation or something related to solving crimes; what they don’t think about is speech and debate. However, the competitors at the Texas Forensics Association State Championships take that word very seriously and Thank You for Judging is about the event, the people who conduct the event and the very brave and talented students from all across Texas who participate in it. One such participant was the 1998 TFA champion, Michael Urie, who would go on to star on the series Ugly Betty and in the Broadway musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying; he also co-directs the film. Urie  chronicles many of the students participating in the event, particularly young men and women struggling with their sexual identities. Students performing monologues about coming out as gay find their goals thwarted by small-minded and anonymous judges who view their scoring as an opportunity to save souls. In the end, the competition is a way for kids who are usually on the outside looking in to participate in the competitive spirit that flourishes in the state of Texas, and Thank You for Judging chronicles their journey, with all of its ups and downs.

Catch the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/29845476 

Screening with the short film "In Search of Avery Willard."

Who was Avery Willard? Photographer, filmmaker, writer, publisher, leatherman, pornographer…this short uncovers the life and work of a groundbreaking yet forgotten artist.


Saturday August 25, 2012 12:40pm - 2:35pm CDT
Carver Theatre 1631 4th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203

1:00pm CDT

Upcoming Works

Curious what your favorite filmmakers have been up to?  Come see what Zach Clark, Bryan Storkel, and other filmmakers have been working on.  This is the chance to brag to your friends that you got a special sneak peek at projects still in the works.  

Saturday August 25, 2012 1:00pm - 2:00pm CDT
Spotlight Lounge (adjacent to Alabama Theatre) Third Avenue N

1:40pm CDT

American Man (with "Never Got A Dime")

In 2010, former University of Alabama football fullback and NFL player, Kevin Turner, was diagnosed with the fatal disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). At around the same time, scientists began to believe that the concussions of contact sports were to blame for many brain traumas. Turner was left to wonder whether in worshipping football, and preaching its glory to his kids, he had prayed to a false god. In the decade since he retired, he lost his job, his savings, and his marriage. With a final burst of ambition, Turner invested his tarnished reputation in a charitable enterprise that he hopes will sound the alarm about concussive sports and teach a football-loving nation to protect future generations.

Directed by Jon Frankel from HBO Real Sports, American Man is an important must-see, especially for sports fans and parents of sports-loving kids.

Catch the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/39458228

Screening with the short film "Never Got A Dime"
Directed by Shelby Hadden
DOC Short | USA | 14 min.

A former manager at Goodyear in Gadsden, Alabama, fights for pay equality after facing pay discrimination for nineteen years.



Saturday August 25, 2012 1:40pm - 3:10pm CDT
Alabama Theatre 1817 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

2:00pm CDT

Why You Should Film in Alabama

Join us for a discussion about the current state of film in Alabama with Alabama State Representative Terri Collins, Chris Roquemore of EMPACT Alabama, and Tommy Fell with the Alabama Film Office.  We’ll be talking about the realities of filming in Alabama, including a look at the new filmmaker tax incentive.  Moderated by Alan Hunter (Sidewalk).

Saturday August 25, 2012 2:00pm - 3:00pm CDT
Spotlight Lounge (adjacent to Alabama Theatre) Third Avenue N

2:15pm CDT



Framed by interviews with a neighbor, a medical examiner, and a police detective, Jeff examines the 1991 Milwaukee summer arrest of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. The hybrid documentary’s detailed interviews are woven between archival footage and quasi-Errol Morris style fictionalized scenes depicting Dahmer’s oddly mundane existence. This combination quietly builds the pieces of a disturbing story in a manner that allows for contemplation but, smartly, does not propose explanation. Director Chris James Thompson was inspired to make the film, in part, because he felt that Dahmer’s story was told differently inside Milwaukee that it was outside of the city; Jeff is his worthy effort to inform such. The quietly haunting film thoughtfully recounts the tale of one of the countries most monstrous criminals while also sharply illustrating the setting in which the story takes place. 


Saturday August 25, 2012 2:15pm - 3:35pm CDT
Alabama School of Fine Arts 1800 Rev Abraham Woods, Jr, Blvd Birmingham, AL 35203-2203

2:20pm CDT

Teen Made Shorts - 12 & Up (Parental Guidance Advised - Mild Language)

Teen-Made Films - 12 & Up

"Secret Club"

The film tells the story of Kyle who is bored of boring high school and its equally boring clubs until, listening to the morning announcements, he hears about the mysterious Secret Club.15-year-old writer/director Ben Kadie achieved stunning authenticity by filming in an actual high school with authentic high school students. The day after filming, Ben went on a Spring break visit to LA, where he edited the film's hundreds of clips in a Chinatown hotel. The result is a 197-second film too fun to be kept secret.

"Letter to a Girl"

In today's society, girls are raised believing that there is a 'right' way to look or act. With self-image problems on the rise, this letter to girls, from a girl, affirms that individuality is key, and no girl should be ashamed of who she is.


This short documentary gives a portrait of a small village in Ghana as they wait for the annual rainy season to transform their environment and nourish their community.

"A Day"

Back and forth between LA and Mammoth Mountain - at the speed of light.

"My License"

A young girl receives her new license, much to her father's dismay.

"Alone Together"

A story of shipwrecks and love -- After a terrible ocean storm, Brendan finds himself on a Chilean island with Eloise, the girl of his secret dreams. Alone together for the first time, the two grow close, yet Brendan worries: if they leave the island will Eloise still need him? Director Ben Kadie (age 16) filmed throughout the beautiful Pacific Northwest including underwater in Lake Washington and on the 100-year-old tugboat Arthur Foss. The film stars Seattle-area actors Asher Jordan and Bria Lynn Massie.

"Echoes of Exxon"

Teen filmmaker travels to Alaska in 2010 during the news of the BP Gulf Oil Spill and realizes that the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill 20 years ago continues to affect Alaska's residents, wildlife and the environment. Through interviews and archive footage, filmmaker Lauren Lindberg compares the two spills, issues a timely warning and a call to action.

"Love Our Families"

A Public Service Announcement that looks at the true meaning of family. Produced by the Righteous Conversations Project, which brings together Holocaust survivors and teens to create media projects that address injustices in our world.

"Pirates of the Indian Ocean"

It's all hands on deck to save our pirates of the airwaves.


Peace and quiet is interrupted by a simple bag of chips.

"Write It Out"

A short documentary addressing the issue of suicide prevention. The filmmakers reenact the issues surrounding a conflicted teen from San Mateo, California. Upon entering a group home, she discovers that through 'writing it out', she can help herself through tough times.

"Boy Meets Squirrel"

A sudden encounter with a squirrel causes a boy to view his life a little differently.


Tara, a teenager who dreams of a successful future in business, must manage the school Bookstore for one day, dealing with her preoccupied employees and the craziness that gets in the way of her ambitions.

Saturday August 25, 2012 2:20pm - 3:35pm CDT
McWane Center 200 19th Street North Birmingham, AL 35203

2:40pm CDT

Dual Shorts #1

National and Local shorts

"Wilbert & Vern"

Wilbert & Vern is the story of two life-long friends from Rural Hill, N.C. Wilbert is a blind organ player and Vern is an organic farmer for more than thirty years. The film provides a slice of their lives and explores the friendship of these unique and entertaining men.

"Speakeasy Supper Club"

Speakeasy Supper-Club explores the culinary adventures of PushStart Kitchen in Atlanta, Georgia. Started and led by chef Zach Meloy and his wife Cristina, PushStart Kitchen is a private supper club that is quickly becoming a food phenomenon in the Atlanta area.

"Cardboard Titanics: Smart People Being Stupid"

Successful people devote their day off building, rowing, and racing boats made solely of cardboard and duck tape in an insane effort to recapture the American dream.

"Woody the Redneck"

A short mockumentary about a redneck in the boonies.

"58th & 5th"

In New York City, a disabled American veteran may apply for a blue license to work as a street vendor. These licenses allow disabled veterans to work on most corners of Midtown Manhattan. This is the story of one of those corners.


ExamiNation is a short documentary film about the notorious South Korean college entrance exam, Sooneung. While introducing all sorts of incredible facts and stats about the exam, it also follows a day in the life of a student preparing for this exam. The film unveils how one exam can dictate a culture and lifestyle in a country.

"Wolf Call" 

It is 1956. The previous year, 14-year old Emmett Till from Chicago had gone missing in Money, Mississippi. Later, the boy's mutilated body was found in a river. William Bradford Huie of Look magazine sits down with the two men acquitted for the boy's murder, Roy Bryant Jr. and J.W. Milam, to discuss the trial. Wolf Call, the true-story crafted from public record, transports us back to this historic time.

Saturday August 25, 2012 2:40pm - 4:35pm CDT
The Venue 1612 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

2:55pm CDT


Jenn and Matt are best friends from college who are now in their thirties. Single by choice, Jenn spends her days teaching hot yoga and running errands for her demanding boss. Matt suffers from comic-book writer’s block and can’t get over his jerky ex-boyfriend. They decide to fulfill a youthful promise to have a child together… the old-fashioned way.  Can they navigate the serious and unexpected snags that they hit as they attempt to get their careers and dating lives back on track in preparation for parenthood? Gayby is an irreverent comedy about friendship, growing older, sex, loneliness, and the family you choose.

 Based on the celebrated short film of the same name that screened at Sidewalk in 2011 (as well as at over one hundred other film festivals), Gayby is relentlessly hilarious, admirably hopeful and surprisingly poignant. 

Check out the trailer here: http://www.movieweb.com/movie/gayby/trailer

Saturday August 25, 2012 2:55pm - 4:25pm CDT
Red Mountain Theatre 301 19th St. N., Birmingham, AL 35203

3:10pm CDT

Ethel / screening sponsored by Rojo

In the Sundance Film Festival favorite, Ethel, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Rory Kennedy examines the remarkable life of her mother, Ethel Kennedy. The documentary features candid interviews with Ethel and seven of her children and is a surprisingly personal portrait of Ethel’s political awakening, the life she shared with Robert F. Kennedy, and the years following his death when she raised their eleven children on her own. Documentarian, Rory, is the youngest of the siblings and was born shortly after her father’s death. The film is packed with incredible archival footage, including family home movies, and provides unique and personal, never before revealed insight into many historical events. Intimate, funny, and deeply moving, Ethel offers a rare look inside a political dynasty strengthened by family bonds, a compassion for others, and a wisdom forged from both hardship and triumph. 


Saturday August 25, 2012 3:10pm - 4:50pm CDT
Hill Arts Center 1811 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

3:15pm CDT

deepsouth / screening sponsored by Brian Pettie Eyecare

In some parts of the South HIV prevalence is comparable to that in sub-Saharan Africa. deepsouth is a poetic and grounding exploration into the lives of those affected by HIV in the Southern United States. After 30 years, the global epidemic has overshadowed the fight at home. Facing a broken health system and a culture of denial, Southerners must create their own solutions to survive.

deepsouth follows Josh, a young, black gay man trying to escape his past and the heavy judgment of the Mississippi Delta; two best friends, Monica and Tammy, and their DIY community preparing for an annual HIV retreat in rural Louisiana; and Birmingham activist, Kathie Hiers, who spends countless hours on the road fighting for equitable resources. Intermixed in these story lines are several mini-stories that reveal broader social and political themes across the rural South.

Check out the trailer here: http://deepsouthfilm.com/71395

Saturday August 25, 2012 3:15pm - 4:25pm CDT
Carver Theatre 1631 4th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203

4:00pm CDT


In 2007's The Great World of Sound, director Craig Zobel used true-life events to tell the story of unsuspecting people who were conned out of their money in the hopes of becoming recording artists. Compliance paints a similar picture of trust and manipulation, but with much greater consequences.

 A manager at a fast food restaurant recieves a phone call from a man claiming to be a police detective informing her that one of her employees has purportedly stolen from a customer. He instructs her to detain the employee in her office and to search her thoroughly. What follows is a story so outrageous that it's shocking to believe that it's actually true. Starring the terrific Pat Healy (The Innkeeepers, The Great World of Sound) as the menace on the end of the phone.

To watch the trailer, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdONydDX44I

Saturday August 25, 2012 4:00pm - 5:30pm CDT
Alabama Theatre 1817 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

4:15pm CDT

My Best Day (with "Cock 'N Bull")

No film in recent memory has embodied the idea of ‘independent spirit’ quite like My Best Day, which premiered as part of Sundance’s avant-gardish Next section. It’s a sharp and quirky little comedy that features some incredibly engaging performances and a tightly manufactured script that screams with rural authenticity. The film is set on the Fourth of July in a town where everyone’s a character:  Karen (Rachel Style) is working the holiday at the local refrigerator repair shop when she gets a call from a man (Hunt Block) who could be her long lost father. Her best friend Meagan (Ashlie Atkinson) agrees to come along and pretend to fix the fridge so Karen can meet her father and perhaps her sister. Meagan has a hankering for a used motorcycle, which she rides down to the local hangout to impress Heather (SNL’s Kate McKinnon), whom she’s sweet on, ticking off her main squeeze, Amy (Molly Lloyd), a nurse at the local hospital. My Best Day is a colorful assortment of entertaining characters that all blend together thanks to writer/director Erin Greenwell’s attention to detail and her adept understanding of rural life.

Check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPOtZuqMp8o

Screening with the short film "Cock 'N Bull."

This SHOUT Exclusive Short comes to us from Nathan Adloff, star of the 2010 Best Narrative Feature winner “Blackmail Boys” and writer/director of the film “Nate & Margaret”. Wes (co-writer Danny Rhodes) invites his best friend, Chris (Nathan Adloff), over for a night-in after being dumped by Henry. They attempt to blow off some steam by prank calling strangers, but soon realize that may have been the worst idea ever.



Saturday August 25, 2012 4:15pm - 5:55pm CDT
Alabama School of Fine Arts 1800 Rev Abraham Woods, Jr, Blvd Birmingham, AL 35203-2203

4:20pm CDT

Somewhere Between

Somewhere Between tells the intimate stories of four teenaged girls, all from different parts of the U.S., all from different kinds of families. However, they are all united by one common thread: they were adopted from China because all had birth parents who could not keep them, due to personal circumstances colliding with China's "One Child Policy". These strong young women communicate what it is like to come-of-age in today's America as trans-racial adoptees. At the same time, we see them as typical American teenagers, doing what teenagers everywhere do, struggle to make sense of their lives. Through these young women and their explorations of who they are, we, ourselves, pause to consider who we are - both as individuals and as a nation of immigrants. Somewhere Between thoughtfully explores issues related to identity, racism, gender and self-acceptance.


Saturday August 25, 2012 4:20pm - 5:55pm CDT
McWane Center 200 19th Street North Birmingham, AL 35203

5:05pm CDT


Detroit was once one of the fastest growing cities in the world. By 1950 the population was1.8 million, by 2010 that number dropped to 714,000. 

Detropia chronicles the lives of several Detroiters trying to make sense of what is happening to their city. A blues bar owner, a young blogger, an auto union rep, a group of artists, an opera impresario, and a gang of illegal "scrappers" make up an unlikely chorus that illuminates the tale of both a city and a country in soul-searching mood, desperate for a new identity. The woes of Detroit seem emblematic of the collapse of the U.S. manufacturing base. Perhaps the Midwestern icon is a canary in the American coal mine.

Detropia is a cinematic tapestry of a city and its people; the documentary sculpts a dreamlike collage of a grand city teetering on the brink of dissolution.

Check out the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/42302316


Saturday August 25, 2012 5:05pm - 6:35pm CDT
Red Mountain Theatre 301 19th St. N., Birmingham, AL 35203

5:10pm CDT

Red Flag (with "What Happens When Robert Leaves the Room")

In this close-to-the-bone black "meta-comedy", Alex Karpovsky plays an indie filmmaker named Alex Karpovsky who, dumped by a longtime girlfriend fed up with his refusal to marry, takes to the road with an old pal for a misbegotten tour of college campuses and independent cinemas.  Pursued by an overly ardent groupie and his own demons as he screens his movie on college campuses and independent cinemas, Alex sinks deeper into a swamp of fear, deception, and humiliation. Keeping a deftly judged distance between himself and “himself,” Karpovsky pulls hilarity out of personal pain, defeat, and the lonesome American road.

 Red Flag is an observant, self-aware, painfully funny film about commitment, loneliness, and the human ability (or perhaps inability) to change. Aside from Red Flag, Karpovsky has most recently gained attention for his film Rubberneck and his work on the HBO series Girls

Check out the trailer here: http://www.traileraddict.com/trailer/red-flag-2012/laff-screening


Screening with the short film "What Happens When Robert Leaves The Room"
What Happens When Robert Leaves The Room blends myth and metaphor to tell the story of Robert, a misanthropic writer with a suicidal commitment to his creation. After two actresses butcher a scene from his latest script, Robert flies off the handle and shows them what it really means to perform.

Saturday August 25, 2012 5:10pm - 7:05pm CDT
Carver Theatre 1631 4th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203

5:15pm CDT

An Affair of the Heart

In 1981 Rick Springfield was inescapable. He had a hit song, a starring role on General Hospital, and his music videos were played non-stop on the newly launched MTV. Hits and awards trailed the success of ‘81, but, for the most part, Springfield was relegated to ‘that guy that sang Jessie’s Girl’. However, such is not the case for a core group of devoted fans. They pile onto Springfield cruises and deplete vacation time to attend many of Springfield’s 80-100 yearly shows. An Affair of the Heart is a biographical documentary that balances between the fans and the closely connected Springfield. The film explores the link between nostalgia and fanfare and the line between celebrity facade and reality.  The documentary contains surprising revelations and evolves into a portrait of a dedicated musician who works tirelessly to make up for wrongdoings of the past. 

To watch the trailer, click here: http://youtu.be/-lDhtW4RUA0



Saturday August 25, 2012 5:15pm - 6:50pm CDT
The Venue 1612 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

5:30pm CDT

Duke & The King

There's danger in meeting your hero... especially if your hero becomes your boss, and your boss is the King of Rock & Roll. Musician Duke Bardwell learned that the hard way. Part documentary and part concert film, Duke & The King tells the story of former TCB band member Bardwell, one of the great-unheralded talents in American music. Focusing in part on Duke's relationship with Elvis Presley, the film is a cautionary tale about hero worship and the trappings of fame. Bardwell's story also demonstrates what happens when the right words and music come together to alter destiny and, in doing so, offer a shot at redemption.

The film features appearances by Kenny Loggins, Casey Kelly, 'Big Luther' Kent, Dread Clampitt, Leon Medica, Franko 'Washboard' Jackson and more. Many of the performances that punctuate the documentary were recorded at Birmingham’s WorkPlay Theater.

Watch the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te1KmLOw9i0

Saturday August 25, 2012 5:30pm - 7:00pm CDT
Hill Arts Center 1811 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

6:15pm CDT

Eating Alabama (with "A Dying Breed") / screening sponsored by Freshfully

On the heels of discovering that the majority of our food travels over a thousand miles from the farm to the dinner table, filmmaker, University of Alabama Professor of Documentary Film, and Tuscaloosa resident, Andy Grace, embarks upon a quest to eat only local foods for one full year. Along with friends, Joe and Sara, and his wife, Rashmi, Grace soon realizes that his quest to eat locally and seasonally in a state once known for farming is about more than just food, health and responsibility--it is also deeply entwined in community, lifestyle and heritage.

Eating Alabama has a life outside of the film and has an accompanying blog, headed by Grace, that pre-dates the documentary, as well as multiple offshoot projects such as the Druid City Garden Project run by Rashmi. A thoughtful and often funny essay on community, the South, and sustainability, Eating Alabama is a story about why food matters. Sidewalk is proud to host the statewide premiere of the introspective yet enlightening documentary.

To watch the trailer, click here: http://vimeo.com/35904848


Screening with the short film "A Dying Breed"

As poultry growers face increasing pressure from all sides, two farmers discuss how much everything has changed.


Saturday August 25, 2012 6:15pm - 7:25pm CDT
Alabama Theatre 1817 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

6:25pm CDT

Free Samples / screening sponsored by Patti Woods Interiors

Stanford law student Jillian decides to put her career on hold to pursue a life in the arts. Quickly finding that she has no creative talent, Jillian becomes stuck and ends up adrift in Los Angeles. One hungover morning, she unexpectedly has to take over a shift in an ice cream truck for a friend. In no mood to be messed with, Jillian ends up roaring at her customers who constantly bother her with ridiculous questions or approach her with bad attitudes. As the day drags on, Jillian finds herself dealing with an oddball assortment of characters who wake Jillian from her aimless daze and make her see that life doesn’t stop just because you want it to.

Features performances by Jess Weixler (Teeth), Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), and Jason Ritter (Good Dick), Jocelin Donahue (House of the Devil), and Tippi Hedren (The Birds). 

Check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zug7KR5GaAw

Saturday August 25, 2012 6:25pm - 7:45pm CDT
Alabama School of Fine Arts 1800 Rev Abraham Woods, Jr, Blvd Birmingham, AL 35203-2203

7:25pm CDT


When two bus crash survivors awake to discover that they are the only people left alive in their small town, they must form an unlikely alliance in a race to unravel the truth behind their isolation. As strange events begin to unfold, they start to question whether the town that they thought they knew so well is really what it seems.

 A haunting and impressively thought-provoking end-of-the-world thriller, After is director Ryan Smith’s (son of well known Christian pop singer Michael W. Smith) first feature. Filmed on location in Bessemer, Birmingham, and Decatur, Alabama, the stellar film recently had its premiere as the opening night selection at the Nashville Film Festival and recently screened at the San Diego Comic-Con. Nashville-based Magnetic Dreams Animation did all the impressive visual effects making After a truly Southern film.

To watch the trailer, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKOmts2gdC0&list=UUWOp0jfSs2Gxi7gaWU63PxQ&index=1&feature=plcp

Saturday August 25, 2012 7:25pm - 8:55pm CDT
Red Mountain Theatre 301 19th St. N., Birmingham, AL 35203

7:30pm CDT

Kid-Thing (with "A Short Film About Ice Fishing")

10-year old Annie roams her Texas hometown on her BMX. Friendless and virtually parentless, her daily routine is filled with self-imposed antics and general mischief. The usual prank phone calling, biscuit dough hurling, and general destruction is interrupted when she comes across a well in the woods and a voice coming from below.

 In typical Zellner Brothers fashion, Kid-Thing is funny, smart, perfectly odd, and innocently cruel. The film truly captures the majestic world of adolescence and vividly reflects the strange snickelway between frustrated restlessness and true careless independence; a phenomenon that usually only exists in the world of a pre-teen. Once again the Zellners have delivered one of the most interesting and unique films at the festival. Kid-Thing premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and subsequently screened at the South by Southwest, Edinburgh, and Berlin Film Festivals.

Check out more info here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zellnerbros/kid-thing-a-zellner-bros-film

Screening with the short film "A Short Film About Ice Fishing"

NAR Short | USA | 8 min.

In rural South Dakota two friends go out for a day of ice fishing only to accidentally blow up their truck and sink it into a lake

Saturday August 25, 2012 7:30pm - 9:00pm CDT
The Venue 1612 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

7:35pm CDT

Saturday Morning Massacre (with "Merman")

A team of amateur paranormal investigators struggle to make ends meet by debunking reports of supernatural incidents. On the verge of bankruptcy, they take on a case involving rumors of suspicious disappearances linked with an abandoned schoolhouse. Discounting stories of satanic practices, the team proceeds, desperately chasing cash and the opportunity to fulfill their mission – to catch a real ghost.

On a tour guided by the local sheriff, the crew learns of the schoolhouse’s gruesome past. Ignoring advice to spend the night in a hotel, they set up their gear and prepare for nightfall.  When the sun goes down, the truth comes out: the schoolhouse might actually be haunted by sadistic spirits… or something even worse.

Horror-comedy Saturday Morning Massacre is a bloody quasi-parody of Scooby-Doo and a cautionary tale regarding the consequences of meddling with the supernatural.

Check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Uj6ZGIjisk

Screening with the short film "Merman."

Directed by Jono Foley
NAR | USA | 1 min.

Harrison dances within an amazingly lush, deep well of crystal clear water, undisturbed by his onlooking friends.

Saturday August 25, 2012 7:35pm - 9:05pm CDT
Carver Theatre 1631 4th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203

7:55pm CDT

Naked As We Came

Films about dysfunctional families are nothing new and have been explored at SHOUT in each and every year of its existence, whether it was the housewife overcoming abuse in Drool or the father coming to terms with his son’s homosexuality in The Wise Kids. In Naked As We Came, writer and director Richard LeMay takes it to an absorbing new level. After a strange phone call, Laura and her brother Elliot rush to their family’s mesmerizing country home. Once there, they discover that their estranged mother is dying of cancer and being cared for by Ted, a gorgeous young groundskeeper. Finding themselves stuck together in the home, the family start bringing to light years-old secrets that have haunted them individually and forced a wedge between their familial bonds. And, when Elliot turns to Ted for emotional support, he discovers that the stranger might have ulterior motives. This well-paced and haunting exploration of regret is a welcomed addition to the SHOUT line-up. Starring Ryan Vigilant, Benjamin Weaver, Karmine Alers, and S. Lue McWilliams. 


Saturday August 25, 2012 7:55pm - 9:20pm CDT
Hill Arts Center 1811 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

8:25pm CDT


Klown follows two wildly inappropriate friends as they run amok through the Danish countryside, facing endless awkward confrontations and unspeakable debaucheries. Hopelessly misguided Frank “kidnaps” Bo, the 12-year-old nephew of his pregnant girlfriend, in an eager attempt to prove his fatherhood potential. With Bo at his side, Frank joins sex-crazed Casper on his secret adulterous weekend canoe trip. Rampaging through exclusive brothels, hospitalizations, armed robberies, numerous fights and even prison, the three paddle downstream from one chaotic misadventure to the next, all culminating in a surprisingly endearing portrait of friendship. Klown could be considered The Hangover meets Old School meets Deliverance, but Danish.

Critics are calling Klown “the funniest movie of the year!” Perhaps as proof, Warner Bros. acquired the rights to the film earlier this year and has hired Danny McBride to rewrite a U.S. version of the script.

Check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IM_kAzNzsl4

Saturday August 25, 2012 8:25pm - 10:00pm CDT
Alabama School of Fine Arts 1800 Rev Abraham Woods, Jr, Blvd Birmingham, AL 35203-2203

8:45pm CDT

Sidewalk Central FREE Outdoor Screening - Re:Generation Music Project (with "Magic City Dreams")

Re:Generation Music Project follows DJ Premier, Mark Ronson, Skrillex, Pretty Lights, and The Crystal Method as they remix, recreate, and re-imagine five traditional styles of music. From the classical perfection of the Berklee Symphony Orchestra to the bayou jams of New Orleans jazz, five distinctive DJs collaborate with some of the world’s biggest musicians to discover how our musical past is influencing the future.

One of the most interesting elements of the documentary is watching artists like Pretty Lights attempt to explain to legends like Ralph Stanley that he should approach the track like Burl Ives. Aside from the aforementioned musicians, Re:Generation features Martha Reeves, LeeAnn Rimes, Mos Def, Erykah Badu, and all three remaining members of  The Doors .

So, grab a drink and join us in Sidewalk Central for this free special presentation of Re:Generation.

Check out the trailer here: http://youtu.be/iLlxvrXURoo

Now screening with the short film "Magic City Dreams." 

A look into the rise, fall, and return of the electronic music scene in Birmingham, Alabama. Following local DJs and promoters, take an in-depth look into just what is electronic dance music and how Birmingham's scene has grown from a few passionate individuals to a movement that expands multiple generations of electronic music enthusiasts.

Saturday August 25, 2012 8:45pm - 10:05pm CDT
Sidewalk Central 4th Ave N & 18th St

9:30pm CDT


Two upstanding parents face catastrophe when they discover that their teenage son Carl may be involved in a sexual relationship with their highly regarded church minister. While the church board takes closed-door measures to bury the affair, the parents struggle to get a confession from their son. Tormented, Carl spirals into a mental collapse as he tries to protect the man he loves.

A complex and sophisticated drama, Wolf takes a deep look into church politics (this apparently isn't an unusual cover-up), man's struggle with faith, and the not-so popular topic of adult-juvenile relationships. With a stunning performance by Eugene Lee (as Bishop Anderson), Wolf will stay with you long after the ending credits.

Check out the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/36292137

Saturday August 25, 2012 9:30pm - 10:55pm CDT
Red Mountain Theatre 301 19th St. N., Birmingham, AL 35203

9:45pm CDT

V/H/S (with "JPBF" and "I Am Your Grandma")

When a group of petty criminals are hired by a mysterious party to burglarize a rundown house and acquire a rare VHS tape, they soon realize that the job isn’t going to be as easy as they thought. In the living room, a lifeless body sits before a hub of old television sets, surrounded by stacks of videos. In their search for the right tape, the crew watches a number of horrifying videos, each stranger than the last.

Bringing together some of the top filmmakers in the game today the horror anthology sends the viewer through a gauntlet of suspense, shock, and downright brutality. The creative minds behind V/H/S shatter any preconceived notions about the genre, making it feel inventive and captivating once again. The V/H/S Directors include Sidewalk alums Joe Swanberg and Ti West and Alabama-based Adam Wingard.


Screening with the short films "JPBF" and "I Am Your Grandma."


It may look like an ordinary office, and it may seem like an ordinary job, but you'd be surprised what they do at JPBF Inc.

I Am Your Grandma

This addictive short is framed as a video message recorded to show a future grandchild what their grandma was like when she was younger. And apparently grandma was a creative, musical freak of nature, who enjoyed committing imagery to video that, at best, would give a grandchild a better understanding of how cool grandma was and, at worst, would scar the grandkid for life.

Saturday August 25, 2012 9:45pm - 11:40pm CDT
Carver Theatre 1631 4th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203

9:45pm CDT

Night Time Shorts (National Shorts #2)

National Night-time Shorts

"The Mud"

A grieving young couple suffer each other's company in a stale seaside home. One night, a feral mudcreature appears in their kitchen. Upon washing her, they discover a malleable innocent fit to become a lady! Maybe.

"Meaning of Robots"

Mike Sullivan has been shooting a stop-motion robot sex film in his apartment for the past 10 years. Now his miniature robot porn stars are threatening to squeeze him out of the space he needs to shoot his epic.

"The Dark Companion"

Howard (a puppet) has an existential crisis and nervous breakdown when he, and only he, can see his puppeteer... a featureless, humanoid shape that always looms over him, that he calls his 'Dark Companion'. His relationship with his wife and friends quickly breakdown, when no one believes him, forcing Howard to take drastic measures.

"Detras Del Espejo (Behind The Mirrors)"

The death of a woman complicates the underground business of a sleazy motel's janitor.

"Rolling On The Floor Laughing"

Two grown brothers return home for their widowed mother's birthday, only to find themselves competing with a strange man for her affection.

"Man and Gun"

Deep in the woods of New Hampshire, Martin Fletcher keeps his AK-47 close and Glock 22 even closer. One fateful day Martin stumbles upon an internet video of the Barrett M82.A1 .50 caliber assault rifle, the most powerful gun that a civilian can buy. His resulting obsession with the gun leads him to contact a gun collector in a nearby town. When the deal to buy the Barrett goes south, Martin decides to take matters into his own hands.

"Aunt Louisa"

'Aunt Louisa' is about a young man living with his fiancee in Manhattan, who is visited out of the blue by a very weird aunt from the country whom he has not seen for many years. She suggests they go for coffee, during which she informs him simply that 'Moira came back'. Although he at first seems to have no memory of Moira, mention of her name kicks off an odd and confusing trip through the city, out to the country and into his past.


A deaf and blind woman and a young man share a spiritual and disturbing connection.

Saturday August 25, 2012 9:45pm - 11:40pm CDT
The Venue 1612 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

10:00pm CDT

The Silent Thief (with "Troy: Naked Boys Behind Bars, Sing!")

Imagine Hollywood decided to remake The Talented Mr. Ripley and gear it more towards a younger audience-base. Now, imagine that they found a ‘talented’ writer/director to put her own original twist on the subject matter. Then you get something like The Silent Thief. But, keep in mind – this film is no remake; it’s a wholly original take on familiar themes of family and belonging. Toby Hemingway, in a powerful performance, stars as Brennan, an unusual young photographer who ends up renting a room from a normal suburban family, the Hendersons (Frances Fisher & Kurt Fuller play the parents; Scout-Taylor Compton & Cody Longo the kids). Brennan is quiet, keeps to himself as much as possible and, somehow, manages to rub the Hendersons eldest son, Mike, the wrong way. But Mike is hiding a secret just like Brennan. Slowly, the Hendersons start to realize that the tenant in their home might be more than they ever bargained for. Filled with stellar performances and crisp, clear writing from co-writer/director Jennifer Clary, The Silent Thief is an intense psychological thriller that takes a number of unexpected twists and turns.

Watch the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/37077130

Screening with the short film "Troy: Naked Boys Behind Bars, Sing!"

Based on the popular, long-running, gay comic strip, “Troy”, this is a silly, sweet, slightly sarcastic, animated satire of cheesy, gaysploitation entertainment.


Saturday August 25, 2012 10:00pm - 11:45pm CDT
Hill Arts Center 1811 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

10:00pm CDT

Sidewalk Saturday Night Bash

Sidewalk's Saturday Night Bash is sponsored by Avondale Brewing Company and Buffalo Rock. To get in, just present your VIP pass or your Film & Party pass at the door!

Saturday August 25, 2012 10:00pm - Sunday August 26, 2012 2:00am CDT
Avondale Brewing Co. 201 41st St S, Birmingham, AL

10:30pm CDT

Alabama Kitchen Sink Shorts (AL Shorts #2)

Local "Kitchen-Sink" Shorts


Lipidleggin' is a narrative short film based on a sci-fi short story published by F. Paul Wilson, adapted for the screen with the author's permission. A 'lipidlegger' sells bootleg butter and eggs, the sale of which has been made illegal to reduce national health care costs, at his rural fly fishing shop. He is approached by an undercover public health agent looking for a quick arrest that could help lead to a promotion, but when the agent gets a long-denied taste of the 'real thing,' the sting operation takes an unexpected turn.

"The Gamble"

"The Bard"

After witnessing the drowning of his daughter, an old fisherman turns away from the sea and toward music, seeking solace from the guilt that plagues him.

"Come On And Dance"

'Come on and Dance' - a music video set to Junior Senior's 'Move Your Feet.' Made by two UAB medical students, it features sights from all over Birmingham: landmarks, parks, and art where it's least expected.

"Happy Birthday Grandpa"

An aging grandpa refuses to accept the truth.

"Scramble Winner"

"Nothing Better Than You"

A music video by artist by Denita Turner--directed by Brandon Mason.


Crush - One woman's quest to find the perfect chair.Have you ever been in love, or in and out of love? Too comfortable in a relationship, or not comfortable at all? If so, this film is for you. We play with the concept of relationships by showing a woman going through numerous chairs to find the perfect fit.

"Love, Lost and Found"

"In Magic City" 

Scenes around the city of Birmingham, 'The Magic City', set to Tchaikovsky's 'Souvenir de Florence'.

Saturday August 25, 2012 10:30pm - 11:55pm CDT
Alabama School of Fine Arts 1800 Rev Abraham Woods, Jr, Blvd Birmingham, AL 35203-2203

10:30pm CDT

Miami Connection

Recently unearthed and restored by the fine folks at Drafthouse Films, Miami Connection is a truly bizarre time capsule from the 1980's straight-to-video market (actually, I'm not even sure this one made it to video) . The film focuses on Dragon Sound, a loveable multinational rock band that demonstrates powerful skills in the martial arts. When not rocking out, the band's members go to community college together, live together, and generally spread optimism and cheer. Trouble brews when the crew gets in the way of the local Orlando drug smuggling ring, and they must use their mastery of taekwondo to take down an army of street punks and ninjas and other sensibly-bearded bad guys.

 Forget American Ninja. Forget The Best of The Best. Get ready to have your mind melted by the Troll 2 of all martial arts movies: Miami Connection!

Check out more info here: http://badassdigest.com/2012/05/31/brace-yourself-for-miami-connection-from-drafthouse-films/

Saturday August 25, 2012 10:30pm - 11:55pm CDT
Alabama Theatre 1817 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203
Sunday, August 26

10:15am CDT

Ballroom Rules (with "Johnny & Lyman")

Ever wanted your life to be more like Strictly Ballroom? Welcome to the world of Anny Salerni, the charismatic owner of Melbourne’s only gay and lesbian ballroom dancing studio, and the driving force behind the art of same-sex ballroom dancing in Australia. Banned from the mainstream, Anny and her students have limited opportunity to compete, so they must look overseas to find bigger competitions in order to improve. With the world’s biggest same sex dance competition about to be held at the Gay Games in Cologne, Germany, Anny and her students make the decision to travel halfway around the world to take on the world’s best same sex dancers. Ballroom Rules is the story of their incredible journey as they prepare for the biggest moment in many of their lives. Through interviews with Anny, her students, overseas competitors, judges and representatives from the mainstream ballroom dancing world, Ballroom Rules provides a unique look at people who live proudly outside what society views as the “norm” and the universal passion that drives us all.

Catch the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/34496452

Screening with the short film "Johnny and Lyman."

Two men. 65-years together. What can they tell us about surmounting challenges, keeping a relationship alive and strong – and grace?


Sunday August 26, 2012 10:15am - 11:50am CDT
Red Mountain Theatre 301 19th St. N., Birmingham, AL 35203

10:20am CDT

Wolfy's Journey (with "Sidewalk Symphony")

Wolfy has embarked on a journey of self-discovery. “I want to eat the world!” he declares and sets out for an adventure. Throughout his journey, Wolfy meets a curious array of puppets, such as a one-winged Italian Bird, a double-headed French dragon, and a sparkly British Master of the land. Through music, play, and dance, Wolfy is challenged to confront matters of the heart and mind; as he questions the nature of art and beauty, his journey suggests that he engage in a higher cause: to save the land from loosing its color.

Wolfy’s Journey is puppeteer Leat Klingman’s first featurette, it includes eight songs, and is intended for all ages (but is especially appropriate for those 4-8). The puppets’ realm and sensibilities aspire to communicate above an age limit and spread joy and art in the hearts of all. 

Check out the trailer here: http://wolfysjourney.com/trailer/

Screening with the short film "Sidewalk Symphony."
Directed by Jonathan Salemi
Kids' Narrative Short | USA | 8 min.

A 12 year old boy gets his Ipod taken away, and instead uses his imagination to make music with the environment around him. 

Sunday August 26, 2012 10:20am - 11:25am CDT
McWane Center 200 19th Street North Birmingham, AL 35203

10:20am CDT

In Heaven, Underground (with "Birds of Brooklyn") / screening sponsored by the Birmingham Jewish Federation

In Heaven, Underground: The Weissensee Jewish Cemetery is an enchanting journey into history that celebrates life and the immortality of memories. The peaceful 130-year old Weissensee Jewish cemetery, surrounded by a jungle of trees and lush foliage, lies just north of Berlin’s noisy city center. It is the largest Jewish cemetery still in use in Europe. Its one hundred acres hold 115,000 graves and a meticulous archive record. The cemetery has never closed, and was one of the few institutions to remain in Jewish hands during the Nazi regime.

Director Britta Wauer's charming portrait creates a serene experience following an array of characters from around the world who are all connected to the cemetery in some way: mourners, tourists, a third-generation gravedigger, an ornithologist studying rare birds of prey and more. In Heaven, Underground captures the essence of the Weissensee Cemetery in all its multiple layers.

See the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS8ADXjOcno

Screening with the short film "Birds of Brooklyn"
Directed by Joel Fendelman
NAR | USA | 7 min.

An aging woman travels back to the Russian neighborhood she grew up in to rediscover a childhood memory.

Sunday August 26, 2012 10:20am - 12:00pm CDT
Alabama School of Fine Arts 1800 Rev Abraham Woods, Jr, Blvd Birmingham, AL 35203-2203

10:30am CDT

Andrew Bird: Fever Year (with "Londoners")

After culminating months of the acclaimed singer-songwriter’s most rigorous year of touring, Andrew Bird crosses the finish line in his hometown of Chicago – feverish and on crutches from an onstage injury. Andrew Bird: Fever Year wavers between the tour and footage of Bird working on material in his rural converted-barn studio. Not simply a performance film, the documentary also provides insight into Bird’s songwriting process, as well as the evolution of his craft. It is the first to capture his precarious multi-instrumental looping technique and features live collaborations with Martin Dosh, Jeremy Ylvisaker, Michael Lewis, and Annie Clark of St. Vincent. The documentary is a must-see for fans and is of interest to anyone captivated by intense artistic dedication, the songwriting process, and/or musical improvisation. Catch the documentary at Sidewalk—Bird owns the film and there are currently no plans for release.'

Check out the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/31079083


Screening with the short film "Londoners"
Directed by Joseph Ernst
DOC | UK | 11 min.

Londoners is a vintage film about modern day London. Shot entirely on a 100 year old wooden hand-cranked 35mm camera, Londoners documents modern day London as never seen before. It shows the city as a community: a piece of contemporary history about what it’s like to live in London today. In an era obsessed with digital technology, by an increasingly camera-sceptic public, Londoners features thousands of people interacting directly with the camera, as was always the case in times gone by.


Sunday August 26, 2012 10:30am - 12:00pm CDT
Hill Arts Center 1811 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

10:30am CDT

Unfit: Ward vs. Ward

Who is more fit to raise a child:  a convicted killer or a lesbian? According to one judge in Florida, the convicted killer. Unfit: Ward Vs. Ward follows the true story of Mary Ward, who lost custody of her eleven-year-old daughter because she was a lesbian. The judge decided that the father was a more fit parent even though he had served nine-years in prison for murdering his first wife, had no idea what grade his daughter was in or what school she attended, and had only spent four consecutive days with his daughter in the previous five-years. No one could have imagined the firestorm that would ensue and the tragic consequences the judge’s decision would have in the lives of everyone involved. In the tradition of ‘too incredible to believe’ documentaries like Dear Zachary comes one of the most infuriating real-life stories you’re likely to see anywhere.

Screening with the short film "Sepulte the Buried."

Sunday August 26, 2012 10:30am - 12:00pm CDT
The Venue 1612 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

10:30am CDT

Five Star Existence (with "Photographic Memory")

Five Star Existence is Director Sonja Lindén’s personal and sensitive quest to the core of the modern information society where technology and human beings get more and more entwined. The documentary explores our society on the verge of turning ubiquitous – a wireless society, where the laws of time, space and distance are revolutionizing the concept of liaison. Do the consequences of the technological revolution increase our freedom or do they limit us? Is it possible to find a balance between one’s natural rhythm and the society that spins at an ever increasing and demanding speed? Are we chasing the echoes of our lost inner wholeness in our everyday lives, which are becoming busier and more fragmented than ever before? Beautifully shot and poetically paced, Five Star Existence presents a viewing experience as interesting and complex as the questions that it poses. 

Check out the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/32799039

Playing with the short film "Photographic Memory."
Directed by Alan Franks
DOC Short | USA | 3 min.

Part archival film, part personal diary, this film looks at the relationship between film and memory. 

Sunday August 26, 2012 10:30am - 12:05pm CDT
Carver Theatre 1631 4th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203

10:55am CDT

Animated Shorts (National Shorts #3)

Animated Shorts

"The Maker"

Set in a fantasy world, a strange creature races against time to make the most important and beautiful creation of his life. The Maker explores the preciousness of our moments on earth, the short time we have with loved ones and the enjoyment of ones life’s work and purpose.

"Once It All Started It Could Not End Otherwise"

'Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise' recounts terrifying and strange happenings that descend on a 1970s high school.

"The Hunter"

A lone hunter undertakes a search for a missing boy deep in the snow covered mountains, on the journey he is forced to make decisions that will forever change his relationship with the wilderness he has always feared.

"Little Boat"

An animated short about a little boat’s journey.

"The Wheel"

This whimsical, visually imaginative tale concerns a dutiful young man, fated to maintain a large wheel that balances the entire world -- and his rebellious sister who is determined to mischievously tempt that fate.


A chorus of women are borne from the movements of a single dancer in this dreamlike 'pas de trente-deux.'

"Live Outside the Box"

The leading character, Simon, is a workaholic without any social contact. Gradually his world becomes smaller and smaller and even at the very end, there is nothing left in his world but only his work. This severe impact finally wakes him up and now Simon has to find the right way to bring his life back before everything is too late...


Oscar is coming of age, against his better judgment. In doing so he must experience the necessary evil of leaving something behind, but he can still feel it in the pit of his stomach. 


In a small apartment in Buenos Aires, an old woman eagerly awaits the birth of her grandchild and all the joys of becoming a grandmother. However, horrific circumstances mean that she will be forced to wait for over 30 years. Using real-life testimonials this animated-documentary raises issues of memory, repression and loss.

"It's Such A Beautiful Day" 

Bill finds himself in a hospital struggling with memory problems, in this third and final chapter to Don Hertzfeldt's EVERYTHING WILL BE OK trilogy.

Sunday August 26, 2012 10:55am - 12:30pm CDT
Alabama Theatre 1817 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

11:00am CDT

Sidewrite Table Read: International Finalists

The Birmingham Film Actors Lab joins us again for a table read of the top three International screenplays from our Sidewrite Short Screenplay Competition.  International finalists: Cobey Cobb, Sandy Garfunkel, Burleigh Smith.  

Sunday August 26, 2012 11:00am - 12:00pm CDT
Spotlight Lounge (adjacent to Alabama Theatre) Third Avenue N

12:00pm CDT

Designing the Past

What does it take to recreate a scene from the past?  Join Ruth De Jong (Dead Man’s Burden) for a discussion about art direction for period films.  De Jong’s previous credits include period pieces such as Water for Elephants, Tree of Life, and There Will Be Blood.  

Sunday August 26, 2012 12:00pm - 1:00pm CDT
Spotlight Lounge (adjacent to Alabama Theatre) Third Avenue N

12:10pm CDT

Fuchsia the Mini-Witch

Kwark, a great wizard finds a special egg in the enchanted Witches’ Wood. This egg produces not a bird, but a little girl, a mini-witch, who he names Fuchsia. At her request, he sends her to the mini-witches’ school, where Fuchsia’s magic skills seem to be in need of improvement and often lead to mayhem rather than success. While at her new school, Fuchsia befriends a boy named Tommy whom she quickly discovers has a mindless uncle who plans to tear down the Witches’ Wood to build a motorway. There’s only one thing to do: together Fuchsia and Tommy must join powers to save the Witches’ Wood.

Fuchsia is a likeable, independent heroine who, despite her mistakes, always manages to bring out the best in people. Sidewalk is proud to present Fuchsia The Mini Witch, a Disney Studios - Netherlands film.


Sunday August 26, 2012 12:10pm - 1:45pm CDT
McWane Center 200 19th Street North Birmingham, AL 35203

12:35pm CDT

Alabama Killer Shorts (AL Shorts #4)

Alabama "Killer" Shorts


Waking to find himself in a hospital bed with no memory of his past, an unnamed man undergoes experiments on his mind hoping to restore what he's lost; meanwhile his examiners are working on a different objective.

"The Way Home"

A beautiful mysterious piece about a girl who is trying to find a way out of her mind.


Dealing vicious justice as he ensures safe passage for an infant, a 1912 preacher believes he plays a crucial role in the Apocalypse.

"Blue of the Sky"

In this modern dystopia, Trevor Appfell's world is turned on it's side due to the powerful medication, Acilacil.


Half of Earth's population has been wiped out by a deadly virus, with the rest of the world held in the brink of fear. It's not a matter of if you'll catch the virus but when. Time is running out and there's no cure to speak of. Or is there?

Sunday August 26, 2012 12:35pm - 2:20pm CDT
Red Mountain Theatre 301 19th St. N., Birmingham, AL 35203

12:40pm CDT

GLOW (with "The Joseph Szabo Project")

Packed with massive amounts of incredibly awesome archival footage, GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling recounts the story of the inaugural all- female wrestling show. A generic casting call in 1985 led to the creation of the women’s wrestling phenomenon GLOW and from such evolved personas such as evil U.S.-hating Russian Colonel Ninotchka, the fire starting, ever-screaming Heavy Metal Sisters and fan favorite, larger-than-life Mt. Fiji. The sudden cancellation of the show in 1990 came as a shock to the women of wrestling and fans alike.

 While GLOW is worth catching just for the jaw-dropping, hilarious, and mind-blowing vintage 80’s footage, the documentary manages to tell an incredibly interesting (and sometimes tragic) story with a surprising amount of heart. Beware: the film has one of the most gnarly elbow breaking scenes ever captured on tape.

Check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jy2BLHsip6E

Screening with the short film "The Joseph Szabo Project."
DOC Short | USA | 15 min.

The Joseph Szabo Project is a visually stunning first-person portrait of iconic photographer Joseph Szabo's journey to capture the lives of his teenage students. Drawn from thousands of rare never-before-seen-images and classic published work, this unique documentary is a time capsule of 1970s suburbia, an alternative yearbook, filled with experiences that will resonate with anyone who has passed through the doors of high school. 


Sunday August 26, 2012 12:40pm - 2:10pm CDT
Alabama School of Fine Arts 1800 Rev Abraham Woods, Jr, Blvd Birmingham, AL 35203-2203

12:40pm CDT

All the Way Through the Evening (with "Shopping")

In an apartment on 12th Street, a chatty old woman sits in a cluttered room of sheet music that very few people remember. She tinkles occasionally at the piano as she speaks - any interview with the eccentric Mimi Stern-Wolfe is always punctuated by music. The Benson salons, as Mimi calls them, were a regular meeting of artists and composers in a downtown Manhattan loft owned by Eric Benson, her dear friend and musical collaborator. At this loft, writers and composers showcased new classical and populist musical works and an artistic community thrived. Amongst them were Chris DeBlasio, Robert Chesley and Kevin Oldham. When the HIV/AIDS epidemic swept through New York, and indeed the world in the early 1980s, each were infected and the majority of people who attended the soirees, including the composers themselves, were dead by the early 1990s. After these deaths, Mimi devoted much of her life to The Benson AIDS Series, an annual concert of works by composers who were lost to HIV/AIDS, which she performs on World AIDS Day. Directed by Rohan Spong, All the Way Through Evening follows Mimi as she prepares for one such concert. Her interviews recount the glory days at the Benson Salons, the initial awareness of HIV/AIDS and provide a character portrait of some of the original composers. The film also includes touching interviews with some of the surviving family members and musical collaborators of these men.


Screening with the short film "Shopping."

A poetic journey of two women in search of love in an ever changing world.

Sunday August 26, 2012 12:40pm - 2:10pm CDT
Hill Arts Center 1811 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

12:40pm CDT

Mixed Tape Shorts (National Shorts #4)

Mixed-Tape Shorts

"I'm Coming Over"

In an eccentric mountain town, a borderline neo-Luddite struggles to maintain and share a fragile state of enlightenment

"The Black Balloon"

While trying to move 40 kids six New York City blocks all by himself, a stressed man accidentally loses a bouquet of a hundred balloons. In that bouquet, a lone black balloon scurries free from the rest. It dies and comes back to life, returning to the city, cruising for a companion. On its beat, it learns that humans are complicated creatures with extreme highs and lows, but full of life nonetheless. A film intended to be for children that turned into a sci-fi urban fable, this is the story of The Black Balloon

"Cork's Cattlebaron"

A young protege and his boss sit down for the most epic steak dinner of their lives in Omaha, Nebraska.


A young couple meet on the day before the final space shuttle launch in the town that lives in its shadow.

"The Death of Toys"

Ten year-old Seth wants to give up his toys, but his work-numbed mother Lily needs the spark of their playtime more than he does. Her insistence that he keep the toys leads to some unexpected places.


Gwen is the spokesperson for a radical technology allowing people to overcome their natural disadvantages and begin life anew. But when her job and family are in crisis, will she undergo the procedure herself?

Sunday August 26, 2012 12:40pm - 2:35pm CDT
The Venue 1612 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

12:45pm CDT

Bay of All Saints

Bay of All Saints explores the self-established, community who live in palafitas, shacks built over the bay with the use of stilts and garbage in Bahia, Brazil.  Norato, the community’s repairman, serves as a guide to the impoverished neighborhood. With Norato’s access the filmmakers focus on three single mothers living in the slums above the bay. Due to an urban-renewal project, the shacks become threatened, many demolished. Residents are promised by the government to be relocated to dry land, but without real action. Over 6 years in production, the filmmakers direct their focus on the struggles of the community’s citizens. The individual stories are set against the backdrop of political chaos; the essence of such is reflected in the film’s most shocking scene. Perhaps most surprising, despite the landscape and circumstances, the documentary is beautifully shot and, at times, even funny.

To watch the trailer, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CwfI4KxaM0

Sunday August 26, 2012 12:45pm - 2:00pm CDT
Carver Theatre 1631 4th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203

1:00pm CDT

It Gets Better: The Cultural Impact of Queer Cinema

LGBT filmmakers discuss the cultural significance of queer cinema and its relevance today, focusing on the impact it has on younger members of the LGBT community and the ways in which it can be used to help educate and inform members of all communities, gay and straight.

Sunday August 26, 2012 1:00pm - 2:00pm CDT
Spotlight Lounge (adjacent to Alabama Theatre) Third Avenue N

1:10pm CDT


An offbeat family of New Yorkers must come to terms with their own misgivings about life, relationships and the sheer unpredictability of love itself. Petunia weaves together the lives of brothers Charlie, Adrian, and Michael as they unlearn everything their psychoanalyst parents have taught them. While Michael's cynical wife Vivian discovers she is pregnant, the family is also changing. Charlie's would-be boyfriend George is in a polyandrous relationship with fitness fanatic Robin and Adrian has developed an unrelenting sex addiction. Meddling parents Felicia and Percy must decide whether to reignite the spark in their relationship or decide to start all over again. Petunia is a film about a dysfunctional family unit on the verge of a nervous breakdown and how they start to pick up the pieces.  Join Sidewalk Alum director, Ash Christian, and star Thora Birch for the screening.


Sunday August 26, 2012 1:10pm - 2:55pm CDT
Alabama Theatre 1817 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

2:00pm CDT

Faith in Film

An interfaith discussion about the many ways spirituality is represented on the big screen.  We’ll be talking about this year’s films: Wolf; In Heaven, Underground; and After.  Panel discussion with Dr. Don Sandley (Samford University), Dr. Ed Hurley (South Highland Presbyterian Church), Rabbi Laila Haas (Temple Emanu-El), Ashfaq Taufique (Birmingham Islamic Society), and Ya’Ke Smith (Wolf).  Moderated by Dr. Amy Cottrill (BSC).

Sunday August 26, 2012 2:00pm - 3:00pm CDT
Spotlight Lounge (adjacent to Alabama Theatre) Third Avenue N

2:25pm CDT

Tales of the Night

From internationally renowned animation auteur Michel Ocelot, Tales of the Night weaves together six exotic fables, each unfolding in a unique locale, from Tibet, to medieval Europe, an Aztec kingdom, the African plains, and even the Land of the Dead. In Ocelot’s storytelling, history blends with fairytale as viewers are whisked off to enchanted lands full of dragons, werewolves, captive princesses, sorcerers, and enormous talking bees - and each fable ends with its own ironic twist.  Ocelot extends his earlier shadow puppet style and combines it with black-silhouetted characters set off against exquisitely detailed Day-Glo backgrounds bursting with color and kaleidoscopic patterns. The animated film is whimsical, stunningly ornate and perfectly charming. In an age when Pixar and DreamWorks titles are intensely prolific, the timeless and beautiful magic of Ocelot’s classically approached Tales of the Night is a refreshing change. 


Screening with the short film "Dream Cleaners."

Meet Artie and Rex, professional Dream Cleaners. A night out on the job takes a turn south when Rex goofs off and causes their Dream Cleaning truck to malfunction. Now the dreams of their target, a young kid, start spilling into reality. 

Sunday August 26, 2012 2:25pm - 3:50pm CDT
McWane Center 200 19th Street North Birmingham, AL 35203

2:45pm CDT

Dead Man's Burden


In the contentious wake of the Civil War, a divided country tries to reunite by forging a future in the West. For one homesteader, that future is cut short by a bullet. Now his lawman son returns home to discover a sister that thinks him dead and an injustice waiting to be righted. A classic western, Dead Man’s Burden  explores post-civil war era allegiances in the western frontier, divisions created by modern progress, and family rifts that struggle to resolve themselves in an unforgiving landscape.

 Featuring some of the strongest cinematography to grace this year's festival, and gripping performances by Barlow Jacobs (Low & Behold, Alexander the Last) and Clare Bowen, Dead Man’s Burden is one not to miss!

See the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffHgH09vcp4

Sunday August 26, 2012 2:45pm - 4:20pm CDT
Carver Theatre 1631 4th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203

2:50pm CDT

Nate & Margaret

Nate is an aspiring film student on a journey of self-discovery. Margaret is kind of going through the same thing except she’s in her fifties and wants to be a stand-up comic. They are best friends and support each other through thick and thin. When Nate meets James and falls in love for the first time, their friendship is put to the test as Margaret struggles to deal with the idea that her best friend has found someone new in his life. Nate and Margaret is a sweet and fragile film about friendship, love and the idea that you’re never too young or too old to find out who you really are. Co-writtern and directed by Nathan Adloff, Nate & Margaret might be familiar to lucky SHOUT audiences who saw it as the 2011 “Super Secret Screening” at the festival; since, it has gone on to great acclaim, including a theatrical run in New York City. Roger Ebert called it, “a sweet, delicate story about friendship” and gave it a positive recommendation. The film stars Natalie West (“Roseanne”), Tyler Ross (The Wise Kids), Conor McCahill and Gaby Hoffman (Now and Then). On a personal note, I especially appreciate the way the film treats the gay characters and doesn’t turn their homosexuality into any kind of issue or event – it’s just something that they are. Trust us on this one:  if you like movies, you’re going to love Nate and Margaret.


Sunday August 26, 2012 2:50pm - 4:20pm CDT
Alabama School of Fine Arts 1800 Rev Abraham Woods, Jr, Blvd Birmingham, AL 35203-2203

2:55pm CDT

Pilgrim Song

Seeking escape from his stalled relationship and unhappy place in the world, James, a recently pink-slipped music teacher, sets out to hike Kentucky’s arduous Sheltowee Trace Trail. Ignoring his girlfriend Joan’s plea to stay in Louisville and look for work, James sets out on his two-month journey in hopes of discovering the source of his restless dissatisfaction. Among the verdant hills of Appalachia, he encounters various strange characters and becomes the reluctant companion of a gregarious father and son who ultimately help him rediscover what he's been missing.

With her second feature, Pilgrim Song, director Martha Stephens set out to make a film about eastern Kentucky that showcased the natural beauty of the area as opposed to the stereotypical way that the region is often portrayed. What Stephens has achieved is a beautiful, poetic, thoughtful Southern odyssey. 

Check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFVfSFZ2xB8

Sunday August 26, 2012 2:55pm - 4:50pm CDT
Hill Arts Center 1811 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

3:00pm CDT

Alabama Doc Shorts (AL Shorts #3)

Alabama Documentary Shorts


Alabama's HB-56, the most stringent anti-immigration law in U.S. history, is now in motion and its effects have begun to show. Undocumented shows a glimpse into the lives of two illegal immigrants and the impact this bill has had on them, their families, and their identity.

"The Collegians"

A swinging drama based on the story of trumpet legend Erskine Hawkins during his college days in the Depression. As a young trumpet sensation with a big ego he learns the hard way what it means to be a member of the Bama State college band, The Collegians.

"The Bridge"

In the state of Alabama, Governor Robert Bentley and The Department of Mental Health move toward closing down Bryce Hospital, the state's oldest and largest inpatient psychiatric facility, along with a bevy of smaller psychiatric facilities. As states nationwide begin to downsize psychiatric facilities, a movement towards community based mental health care has arisen providing support for mental health patients, while fighting the negative connotations related to mental illness. The Bridge follows the life of JBS Mental Health Authority employee, Tashee Dunsmore, who uses her experience as a former consumer of mental health services in Alabama to help current consumers transition to the community.

"Slick: Behind Deepwater Horizon"

Four residents of coastal Alabama--a mayor, a marine biologist, and two boat captains--recount their experiences with the 2010 BP Oil Spill and uncover the truth behind the largest man-made environmental disaster in history.

"State of Confusion"

Bryce Johnson went into an Alabama prison 15 years ago as a child; in 2011, he emerged as a man. Through art and education, he was able to not only cope with his situation, but also chart a new course for his life. Speaking on the changes he made while incarcerated, Bryce's story is one of redemption and self-discovery made possible through expression.

"Future Perfect"

A short documentary the focuses on the Birmingham Museum of Art.

"We Are Coming Back"

A neighborhood devastated by a tornado recounts its past while considering its future.

"The Chivalrous Community" 

The Chivalrous Community follows the Barony of Iron Mountain as they travel to the forests of Gleann Abhann to participate in the Gulf Wars. This documentary reveals the epic adventures of the SCA and their conquest for medieval renown. 

Sunday August 26, 2012 3:00pm - 4:50pm CDT
Red Mountain Theatre 301 19th St. N., Birmingham, AL 35203

3:15pm CDT

Nancy, Please (with "Profile" and "Knife")

Paul Brawley is an aimless PhD candidate at Yale who's just moved in with his girlfriend and has his sights set on completing his dissertation. There’s just one snag: as Paul is unpacking his belongings, he discovers that he has left a book behind. A seemingly inconsequential object, but one Paul feels is of great importance to his dissertation and, therefore, to his future. He will have to retrieve it from his former roommate – the obstinate, casually sinister Nancy. Paul contacts Nancy, but she will not cooperate.  What should be the simplest of errands becomes intolerably difficult. Unable to accept his “defeat” at Nancy’s hands, Paul rushes headlong into a thresher of emotional unrest and physical punishment. His life will get much, much worse before it gets better. 

See the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/37442334

Screening with the short films "Profile" & "Knife."

Directed by Timo Pierre Rositzki
NAR | GERMANY | 7 min.

Caro has just gone shopping when she is approached by Thomas. He seems to know her, but she can't remember him. When he convinces her to have a coffee with him, Caro has no idea of the surprises this encounter will bring. Profile shows how dangerous social networking sites can be.

Directed by James M. Johnston
NAR | USA | 13 min.

Knife is a searing portrait of vengeance wrought by an unnamed man with a broken spirit.



Sunday August 26, 2012 3:15pm - 5:00pm CDT
The Venue 1612 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

3:40pm CDT

Last Call at the Oasis / screening sponsored by HomeRun

Water is earth’s most valuable resource. Cities are powered by it, agriculture and other industries depend on it, and all living things need it to survive. But instead of treating it with care, it has been allowed to become polluted with toxic chemicals and agricultural and industrial waste. As is becoming increasingly apparent, it is very possible that in the near future there won’t be enough water to sustain life on the planet.

From the team behind An Inconvenient Truth and Food, Inc., Last Call at the Oasis illuminates the vital role water plays in our lives, exposes the defects in the current system, shows communities already struggling with its ill-effects and examines ways in which the situation might be managed. The documentary features activist Erin Brockovich, respected water experts Peter Gleick, Jay Famiglietti, and Robert Glennon, as well as social entrepreneurs championing revolutionary solutions.

Check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLE3i92LkQk

Sunday August 26, 2012 3:40pm - 5:25pm CDT
Alabama Theatre 1817 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

4:30pm CDT

The Whale

The Whale tells the true story of a young, wild killer whale, an orca, nicknamed Luna, who lost contact with his family on the coast of British Columbia and turned up alone in a narrow stretch of sea in a place called Nootka Sound. Orcas are social and live with their families all their lives. An orca who gets separated usually just fades away and dies. Luna was alone, but he didn’t fade away. There weren’t any familiar orcas in Nootka Sound, but there were people, in boats and on the shore. So he started trying to make contact. And people welcomed him. Most of them.

Narrated by Ryan Reynolds, the eye-opening documentary The Whale explores the true nature of friendship and celebrates the life of a smart, lovable, determined, transcendent being from the other world of the sea.

Watch the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrrVDQEz5L0

Sunday August 26, 2012 4:30pm - 5:55pm CDT
McWane Center 200 19th Street North Birmingham, AL 35203

5:00pm CDT

Booster (with "Crosshairs")

When Simon's brother is arrested for armed robbery, he is asked to commit a string of copycat crimes in an attempt to get his brother acquitted. Caught between loyalty to his family and his own will, Simon is forced to examine his life.

Shot on location in Boston, director Matt Ruskin does an incredible job of capturing the tone and landscape of this unique part of the U.S.. On an indie budget, Ruskin is skillfully able to pull off what Ben Affleck spends millions to achieve with much less success. Perhaps the most impressive element of Booster is the performances, especially considering that the cast is made up of non-actors. The striking newcomers are familiar with the world depicted in the film and it translates. Booster is an authentic, meditative film that takes the crime-thriller genre in a welcomed new direction.

Check out the trailer here: http://boosterfilm.com/trailer.html

Screening with the short film "Crosshairs"
Directed by Mike Hoath
NAR Short | Australia | 12 min.

Beau and Jamie, two brothers from a rural West Australian town, are caught poaching a lamb from a neighbouring property. When Beau refuses to go quietly, his younger brother becomes a pawn in a violent showdown.  


Sunday August 26, 2012 5:00pm - 6:30pm CDT
Carver Theatre 1631 4th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203

5:00pm CDT

Blues for Willadean / Screening sponsored by City Vision

From writer/director Del Shores (Daddy’s Dyin’ Who’s Got the Will, Sordid Lives), Blues for Willadean is the screen adaptation of his popular play, Trials and Tribulations of A Trailer Trash Housewife about Willadean (Beth Grant), a woman trying to find her place in life. Her husband (David Steen) is physically and mentally abusive and has banned Willadean from having contact with their homosexual son, which eventually leads Willadean down her path of discovery. Supporting her along the way is her best friend, Lasagna (Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer), her sole confidant and someone who has seen her fair share of the world and knows exactly what Willadean is going through. Blues for Willadean is darkly comic and entertaining drama about a woman’s journey into her own self-discovery, brought to you by the master of Southern culture, Del Shores. Birmingham SHOUT is proud and honored to host the World Premiere of this thought-provoking motion picture.

Sunday August 26, 2012 5:00pm - 6:45pm CDT
Alabama School of Fine Arts 1800 Rev Abraham Woods, Jr, Blvd Birmingham, AL 35203-2203

5:30pm CDT

Doc Shorts (National Shorts #5)

National documentary shorts

"Brute Force"

The story of Apple Records notoriously irreverent recording artist, Stephen Friedland, aka Brute Force.

"Mickle's Pickle"

Mickle's Pickle tells the story of a small town pickle shop, its eccentric owner, and the theft of the store's beloved icon, a giant pickle. Mickey Fluitt is a former high school teacher in Picayune, Mississippi who now makes a living making and selling pickles. His storefront is adorned by a large plastic pickle, which serves as a symbol of the shop's signature product as well as a picture of Mickey's flair for the whimsical. So when the jumbo-sized pickle goes missing it puts the town of Picayune into the media spotlight and leaves Mickey Fluitt asking, 'Have you seen my pickle?'


Giorgio Brusegan has created paintings on Venice's Piazza San Marco for 35 years. Showman, hawker and bait, he makes a living selling these memories of Venice to throngs of tourists. Then he goes home to create his real artwork.GIORGIO is a portrait of a Venetian artist who has been immersed in art and culture for a lifetime. This 11-minute documentary is a brief and funny glimpse into the day-job of art to pay the bills and the art that inspires one man who can't imagine being anything but an Italian painter.

"Night at the Dance"

A profile of the last days of a Czech dance hall in rural Texas--and the old-timers who come there to polka

"Kiss the Paper"

A poetic documentary short that contemplates the revival of the nearly obsolete, centuries-old craft of letterpress printmaking.

"Let Me Go"

Masha is an ordinary 16 year-old living with her single mother in a tiny Moscow apartment. But when she falls in love with a man from far-away Prague, she presents her mother Inna with a merciless ultimatum. Unconditionally Masha demands the freedom to move out and go and live with her new-found love. After a several-month long battle with her daughter, Inna finally makes a difficult decision. But is she doing the right thing? The film takes us on an intimate journey alongside a mother helping her daughter cross the threshold into adulthood for the first time.

"An Inconvenient Youth"

AN INCONVENIENT YOUTH is the story of a young girl who finds that global warming has left her without a future. It's about her struggle to forge ahead in the face of her hopeless struggle to change the world and ultimately finding hope by changing herself.

"Debutante Hunter" 

In the lowcountry of South Carolina, a group of true Southern belles reveal their more rugged side, providing a glimpse into what drives them to hunt in the wild.

"Grand Fugue on the Art of Gumbo"

Using actor/author/artist/creator/chef Eugene Walter's own radio broadcasts as narration, the film takes a peek at the simple ingredients that make up the Gulf Coast and its signature cuisine, gumbo, and shows how their staggered repetition builds something wholly unique and intricately beautiful.

Sunday August 26, 2012 5:30pm - 7:15pm CDT
Red Mountain Theatre 301 19th St. N., Birmingham, AL 35203

5:30pm CDT

Bones Brigade: An Autobiography

In 1978, a mechanical engineer who had developed new skateboard products teamed up with one of the most popular skaters of the era. George Powell and Stacy Peralta created Powell Peralta and immediately began retooling how skateboard products were made and marketed. Stacy recruited the skaters and handled marketing along with his longtime creative cohort Craig Stecyk III. Unmotivated by fame they completely dedicated their lives to a disrespected art form. By 1984, Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero and Mike McGill compiled the most competitively successful skateboard team in history. They dominated contests, made hundreds of thousands of dollars, created the modern skateboard video, reinvented endemic advertising, pushed skate progression into a new era and set the stage for a totally new form of skating called street style. Bones Brigade: An Autobiography is their story.

Check out the trailer here: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/video/bones-brigade-trailer-282955

Sunday August 26, 2012 5:30pm - 7:20pm CDT
Hill Arts Center 1811 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

5:40pm CDT

Downeast (with "Light Plate")

Sidewalk alums Ashley Sabin and David Redmon (Mardis Gras: Made In China, Kamp Katrina, and Intimidad) return with a fearlessly intimate look at a business in a struggling economy.

Downeast is an experiential story that unfolds over the course of a year-and-a-half in the small lobster village of Gouldsboro, Maine. Shortly after the closing of the United States’ last sardine cannery, entrepreneur Antonio Bussone purchases the plant, hoping to re-build a lobster processing facility and rehire laid-off workers. Antonio's troubles begin immediately as local politicians with personal agendas oppose his vision of rebuilding the factory. Undeterred, Antonio is determined to build and operate one of the first lobster processing factories in the U.S.

In true Sabin-Redmon fashion, Downeast skillfully approaches a global issue from an intimate microcosm lens, all the while beautifully capturing the culture and landscape of the Maine coastline. 

Check out the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/30034686

Playing with the short film "Light Plate."


Sunday August 26, 2012 5:40pm - 7:10pm CDT
The Venue 1612 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

6:15pm CDT

Closing Night Film: Fat Kid Rules The World

 Bored and depressed 17-year-old fat kid Troy Billings is ready to walk in front of a bus, literally. However, Marcus, a high school dropout and local guitar hero, interrupts the suicide attempt, saving Troy from a gory end. Consequently (and mostly based on Marcus’ needs) a fast and unlikely friendship develops. But Fat Kid Rules The World is not your typical unlikely-high-school-nerd-gets-popular tale and the complex friendship between Troy and Marcus begins to impact every area of both their separate worlds, for better and worse.

 Based on the K. L. Going novel of the same name, Fat Kid Rules The World presents a sensitive, endearing, frequently humorous and, most importantly, realistic portrayal of high school life that seemingly reflects wisdom gained from the likes of Heathers, Election, Carrie, and Mean Girls. The film is Matthew Lillard's directorial debut, a project that took him 9 years to get off the ground. The music-centric movie features an original score by Pearl Jam's Mike McCready and recently won the SXSW Audience Choice Award.


See the trailer here: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/video/fat-kid-rules-world-trailer-298103

Sunday August 26, 2012 6:15pm - 7:55pm CDT
Alabama Theatre 1817 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

7:15pm CDT

Beyond the Black Rainbow

Beyond the Black Rainbow tells the story of the Arboria Institute, a heavily funded alternative psychotherapy clinic that seems to have gone horribly wrong. The year is 1983, and Dr. Barry Nyle, a mysterious and tormented figure has taken the reins from Arboria's founder. He observes as his one patient, Elena, attempts an escape that leads to more nightmares around each corner.

 One of the more difficult films to describe, Beyond the Black Rainbow is so visually and tonally assaulting that it's really hard to pinpoint exactly where it comes from. It's like an LSD-induced journey through elements of 2001, Knight Rider, the experimental films of Richard Kern, Demon Seed, and 80's slasher films. To say that it's nightmarish is true, but it also carries with it a hypnotic beauty reflected by the neo-futuristic sets, the droney synth score, and the sharp cinematography. By Panos Cosmatos, it's one of the most startling directorial debuts in years.

To watch the trailer, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWF0bBKhe6o

Sunday August 26, 2012 7:15pm - 9:05pm CDT
Carver Theatre 1631 4th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203

7:30pm CDT

The Comedy (with "Bad Penny")

The fact that this film is called The Comedy is sort of a joke in and of itself. Hardly the all out laugh-riot we'd expect from some of the funniest guys going (Tim and Eric, Gregg Turkington, Jeffrey Jensen), the title most likely comes from the way that Swanson (Tim Heidecker) views all life as one big joke. Perhaps it's hard to take anything seriously when you're an aging, careless, hung over trust-funder living in Williamsburg with nothing to do but play wiffleball with other trust-funder friends and drink and hookup with grad students. He's kind of like Arthur but without the charm and likeability.

 The story finds him, though, at a crossroads where he wants to know what it's like to feel like a normal person. He toys around with common jobs, sometimes condescendingly, and depending on which way you like at it, the results are either really funny or excruciatingly painful to watch.

Check out an interview with the director here: http://www.youtube.com/watchv=uBEmEvkYv9I

Screening with short film "Bad Penny"

Barry's childhood friend Shawnsey is hearing impaired and staying in Barry's New York City apartment for five days. In the middle of his stay Barry has a date and needs Shawnsey to leave for the evening. Without any New York friends or money to burn, Shawnsey makes a different plan.


Sunday August 26, 2012 7:30pm - 9:10pm CDT
Alabama School of Fine Arts 1800 Rev Abraham Woods, Jr, Blvd Birmingham, AL 35203-2203

7:40pm CDT

Addicted to Fame

In 2005 ex-Dynasty star turned movie producer, John James, and self-taught low budget filmmaker David Giancola joined forces to produce the comedy-sci-fi B-movie Illegal Aliens. In what Giancola initially thought might be a stroke of genius, he cast Anna Nicole Smith and Joanie Laurer (of WWF Chyna fame) in lead roles. Giancola and James had no idea what they were getting themselves into…. from extreme tardiness to strange antics on set and what seemed to be a compulsion to forget her lines, Anna Nicole was nothing short of a disaster. And just when the filmmakers thought it couldn’t get worse…

Giancola spent three years editing never-before seen footage to create Addicted to Fame, the hilarious, outrageous, and ultimately tragic true story of the making of Anna Nicole Smith’s last film and of a filmmaker's seduction into moral blindness in the glare of the media spotlight.


Sunday August 26, 2012 7:40pm - 9:10pm CDT
The Venue 1612 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

7:55pm CDT

Encore Screening - Red Mountain Theatre

Check out a special encore screening at the Red Mountain Theatre! The selected film will be announced by 1pm on Sunday, August 26th.

Sunday August 26, 2012 7:55pm - 9:25pm CDT
Red Mountain Theatre 301 19th St. N., Birmingham, AL 35203

8:00pm CDT

Encore Screening - Hill Arts Center

Check out an encore screening at the Hill Arts Center! The selected film will be announced by 1 pm on Sunday, August 26th.

Sunday August 26, 2012 8:00pm - 9:30pm CDT
Hill Arts Center 1811 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

9:00pm CDT

Sidewalk Awards Celebration

The Awards Celebration concludes the festival by recognizing the most outstanding films and filmmakers for their hard work and creativity.

Sunday August 26, 2012 9:00pm - 11:00pm CDT
Alabama Theatre 1817 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203